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Frequently Asked Questions            

Q. Can I download the software or is it shipped?

A. We offer free priority mail shipping in the US, including the the software disc and quickstart materials. If you need BidMagic right away, request an instant download link. In a hurry to get started? We can upgrade your shipping to FEDEX for an added fee. International purchasers may receive online delivery in lieu of shipment.

Q. I already have my products entered in my current software. Will I have to re-enter them in BidMagic?

A. Product info can be imported into BidMagic from Excel files. We include a new Import Wizard to make loading products easy.  Products can also be directly imported from QuickBooks. If you are too busy to enter product information, our MEGASPECS option includes 4 online search tools with over 3 million AV & Security products that you can download for your proposals.

Q. Do I need to include drawings in my proposals to sell high end systems?

A. For residential integrators we recommend Visio 2007-2010 for about $249. Our optional interface runs Visio inside BidMagic to create floorplans, elevations and wiring diagrams. It includes 100+ AV and Security shapes and works with Middle Atlantic's Visio Blocks, which does a fantastic job creating rack drawings.32 bit Visio is required.

Q. Can I use BidMagic on multiple computers?

A. This powerful software is based on SQL Server and can run great on one computer or on hundreds. SQL Server Express is included allowing up to 10 concurrent users. You need a license for each computer that runs BidMagic. If you purchase more than one, our support techs will configure it on your server or peer network sharing a single database. Multiuser features include permission based access to key features. Larger installations require SQL on a server. Terminal Server users require one license for each user. BidMagic can be configured for a variety of local or web hosted installations. See 30 day refund policy below for additional information. We recommend installation on Windows 7-10 with at least 4G of memory. Users with over 10,000 active products should use the pagination feature to enhance performance. Loading over 100,000 products is not supported.

Q. Our whole sales team wants to try it! Can I install BidMagic on more than one PC?

A. Sure you can! Install your copy of BidMagic on all the PC's you want to test it out. The program will run on each PC for 30 days of evaluation after registration. Each PC needs it's own activation code. Try it on several PC's while you try the features and determine how many seats you will need.

Q. How does Tech Calendar and Mobile Connect work together?

A. Our new system has 2 parts. It starts with the new Project Calendar software that runs inside BidMagic. This turns BidMagic proposals into work orders and projects that can be assigned on the calendar. This connects to project managers,installers and service techs in the field via laptops or cell phones. Field techs using Mobile Connect can view their calendars, installation schedules and service calls from any web device or cell phone. This second part is web based and does not require any software. The Calendar Tech system includes one mobile user. Order additional users as needed.

Q. Does BidMagic run on Apple computers?

A. Apple's current Intel based computers can run BidMagic and other Windows programs. We recommend running Parallels or Virtual PC on Macs for a satisfactory experience. You will need Windows versions of Word and other programs you desire to integrate with BidMagic. Parallels access is a web app for ipads that can run BidMagic or other programs remotely.

Q. What is included with the software assurance plan?

A. Software Assurance includes Level 1 support with unlimited email support and no charge for software upgrades. This software assurance is required for the software to keep up to date and running. If you choose not to renew in January, the software will shut down. Annual fees are subject to change in future years.

Q. I love the way the program works, but I want the client copy to look differently. Can I do that?

A. All of our printouts are available in Microsoft Word format, which are easily edited. The print preferences menus in BidMagic allow users to choose from several different styles of client printouts. Different fonts and choices of showing/hiding complete feature descriptions are already included. Word 2010-2016 allows BidMagic users to modify and save Custom templates with your choice of fonts and company logo for client bids.

Q. How does BidMagic work with Quickbooks?

A. If you choose to use BidMagic and QuickBooks together, they create a powerful solution for your business! Quickbooks is great for accounting - but it is a very poor choice for product management and proposal creation. Our 2-way interface syncs Products, Jobs, Clients Purchase Orders and Vendors with QuickBooks. Then BidMagic sends finished proposals to QuickBooks as estimates or invoices or Purchase Orders. We have the best QuickBooks interface in the AV industry and are certified by QuickBooks. Requires QuickBooks, QB Pro. Contactor, Enterprise, Premier, Industry Specific US versions 2010 or newer.  Windows only. (QuickBooks not included. Online version is supported)

Q. How does the 30 day Money Back guarantee work?

A. Purchase BidMagic and we will ship your copy. After your receive the software, install it on as many PC's as you wish to evaluate for your business. The fully functional program includes the QuickBooks interface and it must be activated when installed. If you are unhappy for any reason,return your software within 30 days of receiving your order by postmark and we will refund your purchase price. After 30 days, no refunds can be approved. This offer is for first time buyers only. Note shipping charges are not refundable. If shipped FEDEX, a $25 fee will be deducted from any refunds, even if customer was not charged for shipping